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Any ideas?

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Your pitch is probably wrong. Normally if you have a 640x480 screen, your pitch will be 1280 (640 * 2 bytes per pixel), but cards dont always do this for some strange reason.

Sometimes youll get a card that has a pitch of 2000 for 640x480 (example) or something like that. So you have to poll your card to get the correct pitch.

Basically once you create a surface in DirectDraw, do a GetSurfaceDesc() and then save the pitch from DDSD.lPitch

That should give you the appropriate pitch for your card.


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Ok, I've been using some code for the infamous "RTS game programming with Direct X", and its worked just about perfectly so far. Now, I just bout a new video card (3D prophet-thats GeForce 256 based) and everything I've done has gone bad. Take a look at what I mean: (theirs lines running everywhere, and graphics get drawn several times across the screen-the text is fine though).
And I just have no idea where to start in tracking down the program. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Thanks


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