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I am new to programming games. I know how to program HTML and javascript. I am looking to create an online text based game. I need advice for what language which would be best and maybe some good tutorials. I am willing to learn languages.

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Webbased , telnet or custom client ?

For a webbased game you should pick up atleast one of:

ASP.Net (C# or VB.Net works well)
or some other suitable scripting language.

+ a SQL dialect of your choice.

For a telnet based game (traditional MUD) you might want to look at some existing codebase such as RoM(written in C) (There are plenty of others aswell)
and simply modify the rooms,mobs,etc (no real programming required unless you need to add features), or write your own from scratch in whatever language you feel like.

For a custom client game (unnecessarily complex if you're only doing a text game) you can pick whatever programming language you want.

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