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Clipmaps (NOT the geometry ones)

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Hi, I am looking into clipmaps, but have trouble with several issues. 1) All papers and tutorials I encountered are from 1999 and earlier. They talk about stuff like virtual clipmaps which decide PER POLYGON which physical clipmap to use. In short, these resources are useless for modern GPUs. Does anyone know about more recent work into clipmaps (aside from the geometry ones)? 2) Hardware clipmap support does not exist, one has to fake them using one texture with a mipmap pyramid and several textures with only one mipmap level for constructing the clipmap stack. Or is there some support I overlooked? (I also think that using one big rectangular texture for the stack textures could be wiser) 3) (This is the most troublin part, also because of (1)) I am unsure how to choose the clipmap stack texture correctly. I have to perform the mipmap lod calculations manually, correct? And, I have to tweak the lod bias of the mipmap pyramid texture? 4) Storage. I suppose using DXT compression for the textures is a good idea. But what about disk storage? I mean, a 32k x 32k texture will eat storage space, unless some nifty compression is involved - per-tile, of course, so that tiles can be decompressed and used independently (as I dont think anything else than a tile-based storage layout would be suitable for texture paging). Any known methods for this? 5) Putting clipmaps on everything is not a good idea since the hard drive quickly becomes a bottleneck. Correct?

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