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Get sdl_gfx compiling in Visual C++ 2005 ?!

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Hi there, Like you may have guessed i have a problem. I want to make a game library or engine for the Ruby language based on SDL. It all works fine with SDL,SDL_TTF and SDL_gfx in linux. It doesn't really work fine in windows. Because it seems rather impossible to compile sdl_gfx. I used Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition and the Platform SDK for the following: I tried to build it with nmake and the makefile for vc++ 6 and get this error: fatal error U1035: syntax error : expected ':' or '=' separator I heared (or i saw) of a lot of people having this problem too but I couldn't find any solution. Then I tried the vc++ 7 project file: VC++ 2005 converted it, then I tried to build it but vc++ couldn't find any of the header or source code files because the author of sdl_gfx used absolute paths instead of relative ones. (and I just don't have the sdl_gfx folder in E:/Documents and Settings/james/sdl_gfx.xxxx and my name isn't james at all ^^) Is there any solution for this? I am willing to try everything what would help. Thanks in advance! (And sorry for the english mistakes... I'm 14 and from germany ;-)

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