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Pass a matrix to a vertex shader (Cg)

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Im playing around with Cg, and I need to separate the "world-transform" from the camera-transform. I thougt I could do this by only applying the world-transform to the vertices in my C++-code, and then send the camera-transform as a separate parameter to the vertex shader and do the multiplying there. Is this a good way to do it? And if I want to send a transform (or a arbitrary matrix) to the shader, how can I do this? I got something like this struct appdata { float4 position : POSITION; float4 color : COLOR0; float4x4 matr : COLOR1; }; And in my C++ code, I have a float matrix. But how do I pass it? (I mean I cant use the cgGLSetParameter3f or cgGLSetParameter4f).

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I think you would use:

void cgGLSetStateMatrixParameter(CGparameter param,
GLenum matrix,
GLenum transform);

/Edit: Theres a Nehe tutorial that sets the modelview matrix here

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Since OpenGL doesn't separate the model transformations and the camera transformation, should I do something like this?

// Make camera transformations
// ...

// For every object, make model(world) transformations and run
cgGLSetStateMatrixParameter(modelMatrix, CG_GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, CG_GL_MATRIX_IDENTITY);

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