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Reworking Multiplayer Tactical shooter

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Hi, In reference to counter-strike I think this system could be fun: Match = 3 rounds Round 1: Team1: Terrorists attack an installation and take hostages- get some money to purchase weapons Team2: Guards - all equipted with handguns - protect installation. If terrorists win (probably) go to round 2 else end. Terrorists win - 1 point Guards win - 3 points Round 2: Team1: Terrorists defend installation and hostages. Team2: Counter-terrorists try to rescue hostages and kill terrorists. Silenced weapons only and no HE grenades. If all terrorists die then end - CT 2 points. If hostages are rescues and at least 1 terrorist is alive go to round 3 - CT 1 point. If all counter-terrorists are killed the terrorists get lots of money (depending on number of hostages remaining) and go to round 3 - Terrorist 1 point. Round 3: Team1: Majority Terrorists must escape. - 1 point Team2: CT's must stop them escaping, all weapons available - 1 point The terrorists can purchase weapons in each round and everyone respawns. I don't know how balanced this is but it makes for a more realistic scenario and it is less repetitive. It gets harder for the terrorists and easier for the counter-terrorists after each round (revenge is sweet). Could have 4 rounds with a second hostage rescue attempt splitting the reward money over both rounds, perhaps a hostage can be traded to get power restored, or other usefull things, via a terrorist vote between rounds What do you think? [Edited by - RivieraKid on August 12, 2007 6:35:02 AM]

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