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Templates and Overloading

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Hiya, I've overloaded the insertion << operator on a class, and I'm wondering whether it's possible to overload it more than once, for specialized types? Something like this:
class C

    // I use this to insert all the types I need so far
    template < typename T >
    inline C& operator<< ( const T &t );

    // I would like to be able insert an enumerated value, and have this class do something depending on what it is, e.g.
    enum TYPE { T1 = 0, T2, T3 };


// usage:
void main()
    C foo;
    foo << C::T1;
Can anyone tell me if this is possible? Thanks for any help :) James.

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You may:

  1. Overload the operator for that value:

    C & operator << (C::TYPE);

  2. Specialize the template for that value:

    C & operator << (const C::TYPE &);

I would advise the first, since template specialization tends to have some annoying lookup-related side-effects.

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Thanks, that's what I needed.


If I can change the topic slightly, instead of making a new thread, does anyone know if class methods defined in the class' declaration are automatically inlined? And similarly, are method in inline (.inl) files automatically inlined?

I'm using the MSVC 2005 IDE with the Intel C++ compiler.


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