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[SOLVED] Problem implementing classes in Lua

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Here's a simplified version of turretManager.lua:

turretManager = {}
turretManager.__index = turretManager

function turretManager:new()
    local mgr = {}
    setmetatable(mgr, turretManager)
    mgr.mNumTurrets = 5
    return mgr

function turretManager:someMethod()
	print(self.mNumTurrets .. "hi")

tManager =

I use tManager from another lua file in the same Lua state:

I get a lua error when I try to use tManager:someMethod(), saying that I'm attempting to concat the field self.mNumTurrets, which is a nul value. WHAT GIVES?! I'm going crazy here. This is exactly according to the Lua tutorials... Or is it? [Edited by - Bagheera on August 17, 2007 11:43:53 AM]

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I copied that code and ran it in my interpreter, it worked perfectly. The only thing that I can think of is that you misspelled the name of the table element in your original script.

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The problem was that inside of tManager:someMethod() I called other methods via the dot and not the semicolon. For example:

function turretManager:createTurret(pos)
if(self.mTurretToCreate == "Turret 1") then
self.createShells(pos) // HERE

elseif(self.mTurretToCreate == "Turret 2") then
self.createVulcan(pos) // HERE TOO

self.mTurretToCreate = ""
self.mNumTurrets = self.mNumTurrets + 1

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