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Finite Element Analysis [plz feedback]

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I'm trying to fit the FE dynamics onto games. It's not that much of computations, so I was wondering why it's not used that much.. Ok, now to the real problem. The smallest element I am going to be considering is the triangle. It's attributes are: (considering that its points are a, b and c) ab in length, ac as a vector in the basis {ab, -perp(ab)}, and the masses of each point of the triangle. This allows to determine axial strains in x and y direction, in addition to shear strain. This requires the current state of the triangle's points in the same basis as above. Once those strains are determined, I am supposed to determine stresses, integrate along the triangle's edges and apply to the triangle points. However, the only way I know how to do that applies only to systems in equilibrium (using the Cauchy principle).. How can I extend that to dynamic systems? [edit] Is there a problem with my question, if something is unclear, i can provide additional info, but i donno what at the moment... [Edited by - arithma on August 15, 2007 5:31:31 AM]

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