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A question about an isometric sailing game

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Hi everyone, i am thinking about making a game to parctise my programming skills. Since i really liked Pirates Gold a long time ago i thought i would do something like that. But before i even start i would like to get some thing cleared:-) First question for me is how to do the players ship. Two posibillities i have thought about so far: 1. I could take a top down view and have just one sprite shown from the top and just rotate that. -> i dont really like that idea cause you hardly see anything of your ship then. 2. I could do it like Pirates gold did it but then i dont really know how many sprites per ship i would need. -> I dont think 8 would be enough so i thought going with 16 would be ok but i am really notr sure and thats why i am here:-) If i were a good drawer i would just make sprites and see what looks good and just increase the number of sprites till it would look good but i am not so i need to know how many sprites i should pick:-) So i am looking for the number of ship sprites i need to make the turns look good. And thats where you guys come into play:-) I would be happy about any hints you guys could share with me:-) Thx a lot in advance!

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