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The next two things I will be adding are: 1) Storing D3D vertex and index buffers in the .PRO files. This means it won''t have to convert from PR''s structures to D3D''s on loading. You will use PRO Edit to control what is saved (D3D data, PR data, or both). When converting an object to vertex buffers it has to do a lot of work, duplicating and reorganizing vertices that have more than one texture coordinate, sorting by materials and so on. Storing the results in the file instead of calculating them every time you load the object will greatly increase the load time if you''re using the D3D pipeline. If you''re sure that the object won''t need PR''s pipeline again, you can choose to leave that data out of the file. If you want it back you''ll have to import the mesh again. 2) Dynamic LOD information. This will be calculated by PRO Edit and saved in the .PRO files. A global variable controls the percentage of vertices you want drawn. This can be used to lower the detail of objects in the distance, or for creating lower detail representations of an object for shadows. PRO Edit will have a slider so you can preview the object at any level of detail. This works with either pipeline and is hardware T&L and skeletal mesh friendly because it only changes the index buffers. I will probably wait until Geforce3 is available until I do more work with vertex shaders. I''m having a lot of blue screens of death with the radeon when I use a shader and it''s hard to work with.

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I read that the problem of big objects (dragon or sth. like that) is, that they are visible from a great distance. Is it possible too, to show sth. like a shadow of this thing in the fog??


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