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How do I get at mesh attribute tables?

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I'm doing a dx8 engine in VB. and I have this x file, a tree, I load it into a d3dxmesh, extract the indices and vertices, stuff them many times into an index and vertex buffer (the forest), which I then set as the data stream and render using d3dDrawIndexedPrimitive. My problem is I need to organize the (indices?) so I can change the material and textures between draw calls. I optimize the meshes before saving the x files (in 3d canvas) and I have tried optimizing them in code but I still can't get at the attribute table in any usable manner. I'm still fairly new at this so it could be something simple I'm missing. Can someone please explain how to get at which materials are for which indices when using d3dxMeshes. Thank you thank you Edited by - rove on April 21, 2001 1:42:40 AM

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