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What is the best way to create a wizard dialog box?

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Hey,friends... In my current MFC-based project,I need a wizard-style dialog box to lead the user to finish a complex function,that''s,on this dialog,there are "Back","Next","Cancel" and "Help" four Buttons at the bottom of it,when the user click "Back" or "Next",it will change the contents on the dialog to an appropriate one(if any)... Since I caught not find some appropriate classes or controls in MFC to do it, so I done it as the following: When the "Next" button is clicked,I will HIDE all the controls and other stuffs on the current dialog-page,and then SHOW/ADD the appropriate controls on it as the respond...the same for when the "Back" button is clicked. though this way is working well,it is pretty troubled...Firstly,I will place all(or the most) controls which will be used on the dialgo template in the Resource Editor; Secondly,I must trace the current page of the dialog,that''s,I must know what control(s) I should SHOW or HIDE or ADD while the "Back" or "Next" is clicked;... In all the above steps,it will be so easy to make mistake if I am not careful! Because of this,anyone know that the other better solution to do that? Any help will be most thankful!!!

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