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tiled quads --> quad_strip

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okay, i have a tiled "terrain" engine, and everything works fine, i have a range of quality in heightmap terms, and all this works. but, its slow. this screenshot (below) is on the lowest quality(1 out of 4), but has enough drawn to not show any "space" (the blank/black stuff) when the camera''s in the normal position. ^^^ low quality, fully zoomed out (edges have been enhanced in psp ;] ^^ highest quality, not zoomed out very much now, this is fine for the quality its in, (i get around 40fps when its not in wireframe mode, w/ lighting etc) but it drops dramaticcly when the scale goes up. (25 quads per tile at max scale) but covers all the space it needs to (imagine the image, but *25 polys) at present, i have a func, drawtile(x,y) which is drawn in a floodfill pattern, which is tottally optimised above the regular for x=0;x<100 or so :] anyways, what i need to know is, can i change individual tiles to use quad strips instead of drawing 25 quads, per tile... ? (the exe -fixed at low quality- is avaible for download to look at, even if you cant help me out) __________________ graham "red" reeves. red@deadpenguin.org www.deadpenguin.org

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