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I need to figure out cpu requirements for 3dsound software buffers, and I can''t figure out when to look at the dscaps structure to get something for this member besides 0. I know it should be zero if the sound is in a hardware buffer, but my sound card only has 8, yet if I play 128 3dsounds at the same time it still says the cpu load is 0. has anyone used this successfully? this is the code I''m using: for( i = 0; i < NUM_3D_SOUNDS; i++ ){ if( !sounds_3d->IsPlaying() ){ if( FAILED( sounds_3d[i]->Play() ) ){ fprintf( err, "3dplay_failed\n" ); } }else{ dscaps.dwSize = sizeof( dscaps ); g_lpds->GetCaps( &dscaps ); fprintf( err, "dwPlayCpuOverheadSwBuffers = %d\n", dscaps.dwPlayCpuOverheadSwBuffers ); } }

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