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OSDev Tutorial 11

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Hello everyone, For those who have been following the OS Development Series, the next tutorial has just been uploaded. Tutorial 11: Prepare for the Kernel Part 2 This tutorial is a complete code-level overview of reading sectors off disk, and navigating the FAT12 filesystem to load a basic pure 32 bit Kernel. It also covers some areas in more depth then the previous tutorials from the bootloader. In the next few tutorials, I plan on looking at Kernel theory, revolutions, and designs. This basic Kernel that we develop in this tutorial will be an assembly stub file that will set up the basic C envirement and execute main(). I also plan going over using C in Kernel level programming. The reason for this is that there are alot of differences between programming C in Kernel mode (Ring 0) then applications software. One being, for example, there still is no such thing as an "access violation", and that we have access to every byte in memory (direct access.) Afterwords, we will set up the compliers to work in this envirement. This is the plan anyways[smile] For anyone who is interested in OS development, and has not read any tutorials, please access all of the tutorials from the series base site: OS Development Series Base Site Thanks to all of the feedback given so far[smile] Planned updates For those that are active readers, there are several updates that I will soon make to the series: -More detailed explanation of the LDT. -More detailed explanation of Descriptor Codes (0x8 and 0x10) -A separate section on the main page for errata and update information. I feel this will be alot more manageable and better then the current setup. -Misspellings. -More detailed explanation of v8086 and Unreal mode -A section for Long Mode--I forgot about this during the initil writing! I am still considering making an assembly language tutorial...[smile] Thanks to everyone in advance for any comments, suggestions, or ideas![smile]

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