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On a more human note

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One aspect of modern gaming that deeply depresses me is how people misuse their artistic talent. What I mean is that when I play a game I want to have a pleasant experiance, graphically, green fields and sunshine make us feel happy so... why the hell does everyone insist in recreating hell, dungeons, sewers and factories? For example i hated deus ex because i never saw the sun once and this just depressed me, as did quake 3. Now i can hear u all shouting "well if u want green pastures why dont u go to one in RL?" and the answer is that I do but still I dont ever want to have to see a dark dungeon or hell, especially not in a game. So to all the artists out there, gather your grass and sky textures and build those tree models and make me very happy!

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That´s gonna have to be a definite no-no from me.

Nothing against beautiful landscapes and so on, and don´t get me wrong, in some games they do fit perfectly (have you had a look at the longest journey?, good combination of both), but you can easily make a good game with nasty dark evil artwork, but make a game based on green meadows???
Not likely. But still... not impossible i guess...
another reason might be that making green meadows and stuff WITHOUT making it look kitschy is extremely hard...

and in Deus Ex the surroundings just fit with the atmosphere and story.. there was no way around that. ANd imagine doom with green meadows? could be fun though...

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