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OS/Development Wars and the PC Renaissance.

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Linux is for people who like Linux, Microsoft for Microsoft, Hamburgers for Hamburger eaters, and Hotdogs for Hotdog eaters. Where everyone has missed in this discussion is that the best OS/Platform is one that can do everything without error, no crashes, and no compatibility issues. Since there is no platform like that and considering the nature of this website the programming skills are the main issue. Everyone here seems to defend what they don''t know or possibly could never understand. Microsoft is layers upon layers of code hierarchy designed to be idiot proof at the cost of performance. Linux is down to the heart of the PC and is designed for intermediate/advanced users. Since Microsoft is winning the OS wars because most people don''t care about how something works as long as it works, it is futile to argue over something so unrelated to programming. What seems to be more important is the argument over DX or OpenGL or "Glide" (if there is such a thing) using MSVS6.0 or Codewarrior or DevStudio. Again people are arguing over things that are not easily replaced but are not perfect themselves, people are so involved in other peoples way of doing things that they themselves cannot conceive ever designing something differently. Everyone, old or young, newbie or not should become familiar with how the PC works along with programming. Try to comprehend the fact the MSVS6.0 or Code Warrior or DevStudio all end up as assembly code, then electrical signals ready to be decoded by the CPU and executed/processed. Then decide how you want your game/program to function, then decide the target audience, then decide how you are going to go about actually doing this thing. One of the worst statements is “Don’t reinvent the wheel”; well, tell that to Firestone and see what would have happened. In this case though, there is a need or more of a necessity to reinvent the wheel before someone monopolizes it along with the right to think. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF HOW TO DO SOMETHING BETTER, THAN DO IT, FIX IT UP AND SHIP IT OUT!!!!! TELL EVERYONE HOW YOU DID IT AND HOW IT CAME TO BE!!! WATCH THE DOMINOES OF THOUGHT FALL INTO PLACE AND TRUE GAME/PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT BE BORN. What I am not saying is to defy the world and how things are done, just accept how things are done and expand upon that thought process. You think... Therefore, I''m right!

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