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Tank wont drive between polygons!

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OK heres the current problem. Im writing a tank game where the tank must drive over rolling terrain. The problem is that the tank falls through the polygons when moving from one polygon to a different polygon which is on a different plane (ie driving up a curved slope or over a peak) The tank is correctly detecting which polygon it is on but the problem seems to be when its "next position" vector passes through 2 or more polygons. The current solution should be to calculate the and average the two colliosn points on both polys and then feed that position back into the collision algorithm as the new end point of the ray. But this still doesnt work and i feel there must be a slightly m ore elegant solution. Any ideas anyone???

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Could be one of two possible solutions here, depending on how your terrain is organised.

If your terrain data is a heightfield, you just need to get the current polygon in the horizontal plane that contains your tank position. You can then calulate the height of the polygon at that point and blip your tank to that height.

If it''s not a heightfield, you need to calculate the first intersection between the tank''s old position and new position. You set the tank''s new position to be the intersection position, and bounce the tank''s velocity in the collision normal. (You should then move the rest of the timestep with the new velocity to avoid sticking).


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