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Help a newbie (coder!) w/ texture mapping? :)

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"Look, it''s a coder! Get him!!!!" Hey all. I''m trying to figure out how to do texture mapping for the 3D models I''ve made. What I''d really like to find is a cool program that takes a mesh and shows me how to unwrap it. Failing that, a tutorial would be great. Can anyone point a newbie to some good resources? Thx! (btw, mostly trying to texture mechanical objects like space stations and starships) -------------------- Just waiting for the mothership...

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Jeff Lander from Darwin 3D has written some articles about texture mapping for Game Developer magazine. It doesn''t look like the articles are on the web though. I don''t think he specifically wrote about unwrapping, but I''m sure the information will be helpful.

September 2000: 3D Painting
October 2000: Texture Mapping Methods

Game Developer has the code available though.

The 3D painting code has been revised throughout a few issues.

Good luck.


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Hey Wavinator Quite a surprise to see you out of the Game Design forum !

There is a few softwares out there that allows just what you seem to ask for : you take a model, and you paint on it. Quite litterraly.
My first encounter with such software was NPHerno, that I used to do my Quake2 skins. It would take a Quake model and allow you to "unskin" it on a 2D surface, to allow you to paint it. But it would also allow you to paint straight onto the 3D model (damn useful when you are trying to do a straight line, or other geometric shapes, or text).
There is another big one now, I think it''s called 3DPaint ?
It works on the same principle, except that it''s a commercial product, hence it offers a tremendous number of features.

I assume that when you refer to "texture mapping", you mean "skinning". Otherwise you would have to talk to coders, but I dont think, with OpenGL and DirectX out there, that would be too difficult (if you are a coder, that is )

If you need more details, well, ask !

youpla :-P

Sancte Isidore ora pro nobis !

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Just wanted to say thanks, guys. "Skinning" is what I meant. I also found a cool little utility called "UV Mapper" that will make a 2D texture map that you can paint on then wrap around your model.


Just waiting for the mothership...

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