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Ancalagon the Black

help with code from Game Programming Genesis Article

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Although I have programmed it basic for a long time,a few weeks ago I decided to learn C. I bought a few books and Borland C++ 5, and am making good progress. Just a few days ago I started to delve into Windows programming. I am using the Game Programming Genesis articles because the books I got did not cover windows.(They are very helpful, by the way) Everything is, or was going fine, until I got to the part in article II that talks about menu resources. I followed the instructions exactly, defining MENU_MAIN as 1 in a header file. I #included the header file in both the program and the resource script. But whenever I try to compile, I get this error message:
Error:Cannot convert 'HMENU__ *' to 'const char *'  
The error occurs at this line of code, which is located in the window class definition.
window1.lpszMenuName = LoadMenu(hinstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE (MAIN_MENU));
Except for the window class name, this code is identical to the code in the example. I have messed around with this for hours, but have not made any progress. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edited by - Ancalagon the Black on April 23, 2001 11:13:45 AM

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