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Dark Star

Does anyone know where I could get.....

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the source code to some of the old master system or mega drive games like Sonic or Alex Kidd, or Bubble Bobble. Does anyone know if these Japanese companies release any of their old time software. Thanks Dark Star

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It will be in the machine code of the particular machine that it was designed for.

You''d need to make a machine code->assembler converter, if you can find the format of the code (whether or not it is variable sized, or fixed size instructions, what the instructions do, etc).

It''s a pretty complex task. you could even try to convert the internal assembler to C code, or if you''re even more lofty, try to make a machine code converter, so that it converts the ROM to an x86 exe.

good luck, because these things are incredibly difficult to do. If you need help, look into the emulation scene.

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