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Question on collision detection

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I''m developing a 3d Space simulation with DX8. So far I can Process Input and Draw Meshes to the screen. Now I try to implement a collision system. The Game has two kinds of Objects. Simple and Complex. Simple can be clipped by bounding boxes. The more complex (like Asteroids) should be cliped by mesh.(So that you can land on an Asteroid and walk around). Unfortunatly the documentation on such math is very poor. Can somebody give me a hint where I can get som Info on this topic ? Or has somebody a freeware collision library ? (maybe open source)

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I know that Gamasutra.com once did a heavy report on it sometime back and went into the maths kinda detailed too. I think it had source code available with it to download or something but I am not sure. I think you could find it somewhere in their archives because they keep old documents there, just do a search for it and you may find it.

Hope that helped

Dark Star

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The University of North Carolina has a variety of high-performance collision packages with source available. They are not for the faint of heart, and I''ve not had much success with asking questions about them.

On the upside, they are VERY fast.

You can find them, or papers related to them by doing a search for things like:

"axis oriented bounding boxes"

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