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Locking surfaces in DX7

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What should I do, if I want to lock an offscreen surface, write some color values on it and disaply the result on the primary surface (NOT FULLSCREEN) (32bit) I have already done most of this, but I''m having problems with lock. I don''t exactly know how to write some color values on the offscreen surface. I calculated the memory address where the color should go like this: ((LPDWORD)((LPBYTE)lpsurface + (y * lpitch) + x)) = color; But that formula does''nt seem to work, if all colors are 0x00000000 only a small left part of the image is white and the other part is full of strange colors. I need a right formula to pu the colors on the image, and a formula to make a DWORD color value from r, g and b colors.

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