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Would it be easyer to make a program that i could use to make a game? I just thought that might be a good idea u know it would be alot easyer i think after its done all i hafta do is make it... --------------------------- X to da Z!

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Alot of people, when starting out think this way, however, I seriously give a thumbs down on the idea. Most people begin out with this great idea to build this type of program but never finish it, and even if you do finish it, you will become lazy in your programming habits.

It''s like building a website. If you use Frontpage or something visual, you never need to learn HTML, why would you? You can do it visually, so then you develop the "short-cut easy way" habit that is bad for programmers. Great, but if you learn HTML, you''ll soon find out you can do so much more than whats available in a simple program.

My suggestion is this, if you decide to create a program that makes games, create one that only HELPS you create them. Have a built in compiler and linker or something, including an editor, but don''t make a visual game creator or anything like that, that would really suck, (trust me, I''ve used some of that type of software) Here''s a tip: get lots and lots of input from other developers and programmers / maybe even artists while creating this program.

--XtremeReality 3D

"My team is composed of about 4 programmers and al of us do graphics as well, we made a similar program and it helps alot, it''s not as good as say Visual C++ but we edit, link, compile and have a game menu that consist of many help and automated tasks. Keeping up with those classes also is a major key in this program. If you work for a team, it may be a good idea..... good luck")

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