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Unity [web] Database on localhost

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Heyas Folks, I need your help concerning databases and the usage of them. This field of programming is completely new to me, so I turn again to the best programming community there ist :) I am planning to write a little tool using c# and a database. Unfortunatly I dont have a server where you can access a mySQL database using a c# tool (only using php on the local host). So if you do know a webhost that allows you to access a mySQL database with a c# tool this would bring me a whole lot closer to finishing my program. So my new approach is to download a file via ftp (i already got that part workin) in which the database should be. And after adding or altering stuff in it, I simply upload it again, and voila there i have my own sweet little database. Thats the plan however. My problem with that is: How do I actually create a database file and make use of it with ordinary sql database commands? My plan is that I instead of connecting to a sql database i simply "connect" to that file. Well as you can see by the totally unstructured posting above, I dont realy have a clue on how to use databases. Maybe you can give me some advice, article or link to read to help me out. Anything in that direction is appreciated!! Thx in advance cherio Woltan

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You can run MySQL locally from your machine, then if you need to create/modify your database you can use the tools available here MySQL Tools


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an important thing i didnt mention was, that this tool i am plannin to program should be run by multible users. So I need to download the database in some form to use it on the local machine and upload the modified data afterwards.
Do you have a better idea? let me know. Of course the best would be to buy a server, but since i only want to do little things first with my tool, it seems like a waste of money.
Hope you have an idea what i could do
thx in advance

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There are hosting services out there that supply MySQL server hoisting (without webhosting). Some are even free. Some google hits:


There are also paid one's around. Or get a cheapo old PIII, install Linux and MySQL and voila, instant server. All you need then is a line to hook it to. My home ADSL line has 1024 Kb upstream which is enough to host a small website(*). Maybe you can do that too?

(*) My website itself is hosted at a standard shared hosting somewhere in a datacenter. At home I host all the specialty stuff I cannot fit on a shared host. Subversion web access, bugzilla, etcetera.

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Hey Sander,
I checked those two sites you mentioned. The first one (http://yoursequel.com) somehow doesn't make any sence to me. And the second one, it looks like you can only establish a mysql database and connect to it with a static ip. Unfortunatly I, and the other users, do not have a static ip. So what I could do with it, i could access it from webspace, where I could publish a homepage. If i am not mistaken those services you can find anywhere on the web ourdays. And for the other idea of plugging a PII or III to my internet connection wouldn't work for me either. I looks like I will have to come up with some sort of own database, that stores data in for example an xml file. This file then, can be up and downloaded via ftp, and my tool should be able to do that. I just somehow have find a way to grant access to that xml file multiple times at the same time. If you know what i mean ;)
Well then, if there is no free mySQL or other DB site, that allows connection with a dynamic IP i will build my own database, publish it and get very very rich ;)

Unless someone of you has an idea that solves my "problem"
thx for the postings!
cherio Woltan

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