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C::B and GLUT......

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Got openGL, but most tutorials (that I've found) seem to require GLUT. In the GLUT readme, it says to use microsoft developer 6. I am using C::B and cannot even find anything to compile from, per instructions (glut.dsw is not recognised in C::B). Is this related to the use of the compiler? In the compiler options it says I am using the gnu gcc, and also I have mingw. Not quite sure on the relationship between these 2 files (file clusters). Has anyone else put GLUT onto C::B? If so, was it easy, or did similar issues ensue? (feel like im having to build a hammer to nail a plank, but at least it'll be MY hammer!)

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was trying that. Was getting no GLUT project option. I thought I had Mingw, but seems on further investigation, I have mingw32 as part of codeblocks. Dont quite know the difference, but I just installed Mingw and followed directions, still have no GLUT project options, and the files in my Mingw file seem the same as in codeblocks. I tried using this (fog) as a test file: http://www.xmission.com/~nate/tutors.html (using openGL project type. Do I have to specify it as a GLUT project for it to work?)

Compiling: C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.c
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.c: In function `main':
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.c:481: warning: passing arg 1 of `glutKeyboardFunc' from incompatible pointer type
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.c:486: warning: passing arg 1 of `glutKeyboardFunc' from incompatible pointer type
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.c:491: warning: passing arg 1 of `glutKeyboardFunc' from incompatible pointer type
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.c:509: warning: passing arg 1 of `glutKeyboardFunc' from incompatible pointer type
Linking console executable: C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.exe
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x1c): undefined reference to `__glutInitWithExit@12'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x3c): undefined reference to `__glutCreateWindowWithExit@8'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x5c): undefined reference to `__glutCreateMenuWithExit@8'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x16b): undefined reference to `glRasterPos2i@8'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x19f): undefined reference to `glutBitmapCharacter@8'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x1d0): undefined reference to `glColor3ub@12'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x1fc): undefined reference to `glColor3ub@12'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x239): undefined reference to `glColor3ub@12'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x383): undefined reference to `glmReadOBJ'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x3aa): undefined reference to `glmUnitize'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x3b9): undefined reference to `glmFacetNormals'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x3cf): undefined reference to `glmVertexNormals'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x3e4): undefined reference to `glmDraw'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x40e): undefined reference to `glViewport@16'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x41d): undefined reference to `glMatrixMode@4'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x425): undefined reference to `glLoadIdentity@0'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x443): undefined reference to `gluOrtho2D@32'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xc7d): undefined reference to `glmVertexNormals'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xcac): undefined reference to `glViewport@16'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xcbb): undefined reference to `glMatrixMode@4'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xcc3): undefined reference to `glLoadIdentity@0'

C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x11f8): undefined reference to `glutSetWindow@4'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x1200): undefined reference to `glutPostRedisplay@0'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x120d): undefined reference to `glutSetWindow@4'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x122b): undefined reference to `glutPostRedisplay@0'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x1238): undefined reference to `glutSetWindow@4'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x1256): undefined reference to `glutPostRedisplay@0'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x128e): undefined reference to `glutInitDisplayMode@4'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x1374): undefined reference to `glutKeyboardFunc@4'

C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x146f): more undefined references to `glutAddMenuEntry@8' follow

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 9 seconds)
0 errors, 4 warnings

above has lots more lines of same cut out for size. I found I'm missing a header glm.h, and tried this one: http://www.koders.com/c/fid4FAE66887CD95175915B4186E363E1B4E29D8839.aspx but to no avail.

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a: fixing libs
b: editing glut.h with this patch #define GLUT_DISABLE_ATEXIT_HACK (found in forum)
c: changing (unsigned char) to (char) in glut.h (found this one myself! is it possible to sign a char??-yes, i think i need to sleep......)

I have this:

Compiling: C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.c
Linking console executable: C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.exe
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x31c): undefined reference to `glmReadOBJ'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x343): undefined reference to `glmUnitize'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x352): undefined reference to `glmFacetNormals'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x368): undefined reference to `glmVertexNormals'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0x37d): undefined reference to `glmDraw'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xbca): undefined reference to `glmReadOBJ'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xbf1): undefined reference to `glmUnitize'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xc00): undefined reference to `glmFacetNormals'
C:\Code\Projects\tutorials\tutor\fog.o:fog.c:(.text+0xc16): undefined reference to `glmVertexNormals'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 5 seconds)
0 errors, 0 warnings

I think at this point I should seriosly be worried about the effect of bush mechanics on code, but I seem to be closer......

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It looks like whatever tutorial you're using uses the glm library. I found a reference to it here, but while that page has a link to the glm author's site, I can't find an actual download link for glm. I did find a glm library for perl here, but that won't help you.

I don't know much about the glm library, but it looks like you're failing to link with some glm library. Sorry I can't help you more.

By the way, what tutorials are you following?

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