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Grabbing pixel data from a movie file for use as texture

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Hi guys, I'm making a video texture system for a Nvida Scenegraph based application. The scenegraph itself will be doing the OpenGL code for me, so all I have to do to make a texture, and use it is: Set the creation flags on the texture object in a manner so that the data will be streamed and not accumulate in memory. TextureImage::createImage( width, height, depth , Image::IMG_RGBA, Image::IMG_UNSIGNED_BYTE, pixels ); then call the TextureImage::demandUpload() every time I want to update the texture. This is all fine and dandy, I do however have no idea how could get this data from a video file. I have looked a bit on ffmpeg, and OpenCV, and searched around for approximately 6 hours without any luck. I did find NeHe's tutorial on how to play .avi files, but my system needs to support as many formats as possible. If anyone had any tips on how to use ffmpeg, or know about any other framework suitable for accomplishing my goal I would be very greatful.

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