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OpenGL FBO: Render position into a color target

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Hello all~ I ran into a problem about rendering position into a color texture. I've got stuck almost three days... :( My object is to render the clip coordinates into a color texture, and retrieve the world position in later render pass. I use Cg shader and OpenGL FBO... I bind an RGBA16 color texture to FBO, then execute the first Cg render pass:
void GEN_SCENEPOS_VS(float3 Position : POSITION, 
					   out float4 oPos : POSITION,
					   out float4 oClipPos : TEXCOORD0)
	oPos = mul( matWVP, float4(Position.xyz , 1.0));	
	oClipPos = mul( matWVP, float4(Position.xyz , 1.0));

float4 GEN_SCENEPOS_PS(float4 Pos : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR
	Pos /= Pos.w;
	// Convert the range of x,y from [-1,1] -> [0,1]
	Pos.xy = Pos.xy * 0.5f + 0.5f;
	return Pos;

Then, I draw a screen align QUAD, read the data from the texture, and transform data back to the world coordinate:
vertexOutput QUAD_VS(vertexInput IN) 
    vertexOutput OUT;
    // Output the position directly
    OUT.HPosition = float4(IN.Position.xyz, 1.0);	
    OUT.TexCoord = IN.UV;

    return OUT;

float4 QUAD_FETCH_POS_PS(vertexOutput IN) : COLOR
	float4 pos = tex2D(ScenePosSampler, IN.TexCoord.xy);
	// Convert the range from [0,1]->[-1,1]
	pos.xy = (pos.xy - 0.5f) * 2.0f;	
	// Transform to view
	pos = mul(ProjIXform, float4(pos.xyz, 1.0) );
	pos.xyz = pos.xyz / pos.www;
	pos.w = 1.0;
	// Transform to world
	pos = mul(ViewIXform, float4(pos.xyz, 1.0));
	return pos;

I've refer to a related thread and followed the instructions there. However, the result I've got is really weird! When I move/rotate the camera, the rendering result always changes(It should not change, since it's the world positions of all objects in the scene!). If I put all my code into the first pass, I would get the correct result. Therefore, I think the matrix ProjIXform and ViewIXform would not cause this weird result. I've also tried to bind an GL_FLOAT_RGBA16_NV texture to FBO, but the rendering result is still wrong!! Please help me out! This problem almost drives me crazy... :( Thank you in advance, any idea is welcome!! Please give me a direction! Thank you! :) Sincerely Ryan [Edited by - Ryan47 on September 17, 2007 4:51:39 AM]

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