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Wasteland Warriors car combat free beta

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Wasteland Warriors is an online multiplayer car combat game which is completely free to download and play. You can start your own servers and make your own maps, cars and weapons. Here's an informative IOTD. If you want to see an embedded trailer go to stage3 media. Download the game from stage3.se. Support, the modding tools and more info are available in the forums. Making maps is pretty straightforward and there are almost no restrictions on the kinds of maps you can make. Just make a scene in Blender (or in some other program and import it) and export it with a custom exporter tool into the game. Objects in the scene can be spheres, boxes, convexes, heightmaps or any type of trimesh. Also, the weapons and cars can easily be tweaked by editing text files. The game is in a beta version but the deathmatch part of it is fairly complete, there are only two maps yet but lots of cars and weapons: Buggy, muscle car, hummer and large truck. Grenade launcher, grenade sniper, minigun, machine gun, sniper rifle and shotgun. So, go ahead and try it out!

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