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Opinions: New Surfing Game

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I am looking for people to stop by and try out my new game so I can get some feedback before we launch on Sept. 29th. I'm looking for suggestions and some extra eyes to see if there are errors. The URL is: http://www.surferpros.com Thanks, HV

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Some comments:

Sign-up and log-in

1. At the start, only a log-in form is shown. A sign-up alternative form next to it for new users would be convenient.

2. The sign-up form is sometimes unclear. Log-in, is that my username? Take a look at the sign-up forms of some well-known sites: I'm sure they can give you some inspiration to improve the user-friendlyness here.

3. Likewise, the error report for the sign-up form is bare-bone: not even a link back. And when I return manually, all fields are empty again. It does pinpoint the problem fields though. Oddly enough, my company name passed the check even though it contained two of the forbidden words. The whole mention of these words sounds odd, anyway, and will likely tempt people to use them. A better solution to this potential problem would be to display company names in a different color/font, so it's obvious who's organizing what.

4. After signing up, it would be convenient to be logged in automatically.

5. It's annoying to type a password twice. Why do I need to?


6. PM titles don't link to the PM. A matter of convenience.

7. An introduction PM, good idea.

8. The game navigation menu block only contains links to ranking lists, not to vital game pages. So, I believe it's non-intuitive to call it a game navigation menu.

9. It took me a little while to figure out how exactly the game is supposed to work. At first it's not clear where to start, there's no visual sign of what you have and what you can do. Games like Ogame and Travian do this exceptionally well, with their building list and village overview. Especially Travian has an easily accessible interface, with a few iconic buttons that clearly show their purpose.

10. Perhaps it was my connection messing up, but after buying some scouts, I couldn't see anything differing from before, except for my money stock. Actually, I'm quite sure it's my filter that messes up and blocks that particular page, but it probably also means there's a bug in your code, taking away money but not increasing my assets.

11. So, I can't check this, but if it's true what the page says, that I'll have to wait a few days for my scout reports, then it sounds like the game takes a very slow and boring start. If that's the case, then your game starts off pretty bad: without an initial hook, only few players will continue to see if it gets any better later on.

Overall, the site looks ok, but I feel it's still pretty rough at some edges.

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