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Factories in RakNet

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This question is for a RakNet expert =) Originally I had an ugly structures implementation(non-raknet) and a huge case statement on the server opcode. It was ugly. TCP Now I have message factories where the appropriate message class is referenced for its size(of message-can be variable if message has strings) is pulled from class and when the entire message is received(gotta luv TCP) it passes that to a Deserialize function that pulls the data out to the class and then call Invoke. I include the same files into client and server and use #ifdef to make sure that only the correct one processes code in invoke. If i make a new message, i copy my template file and search and replace __NAME__ and boom i got a new message. i love this. it is still TCP and has some flaws and is somewhat dependant on Windows. It could be fairly easily ported i believe, however. There are a lot of changes going on in my game and if a rebuild comes out of this, moving to RakNet with a reliable UDP would be good. Will i be able to get the same ease of networking out of RakNet? Like I said, its practically copy paste message right now. There are some hang ups but its kinda nice. I'm reading RakNet documentation right now. I want a really high level interface to networking, non-OO was a nightmare in networking. Edit: RakNetworkFactory.h is an implementation of the factory design pattern, used to get a pointer to RakPeer, RakServer, and RakClient I think this is going down my alley... we will see.

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