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for self-motivated school-haters!

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what better forum to ask for such people? isn't school just wasting your time working on your own projects? & everyone wants to learn what is useful for their current projects, & not just get a set of facts & specific solutions for problems you aren't currently interessted in! you need a work you say? not if our organization of geniuses earning millions care for you (speaking of the future)! this is a forum & organization of self-motivated people that sees the big picture of things, & view most things in society as foolish. it is for people that want to get away from foolish conventions, & improve themselves while working on mind-blowingly fun projects together! we see the greatest people as the people who find knowledge themselves, & not reading books. so we really need powerful & fun tutorials that also inspires the student of the possibilities! common education just give you a lot of specific solutions & knowledge -- while you can generate it yourself by being motivated & working on small fun projects to test theory! address: http://uprooting.proboards101.com/index.cgi it is called "uprooting" as that is what it will result in (uprooting the problems of society) while we help eachother economically, & by getting the physical tools for producing robots for free for people part of our organization. to create robots is the solution to every problem, & having generic rules for efficient design of robots we will progress quickly. don't be disapointed as there may not be any/many of these fun & rational tutorials, so we will focus at the projects & create tutorials all the time while learning. we will also have tools for efficient virtual design of robots & other machines, computer games & a generic planning tool. you can post your own project that follows our rational way of learning, & you will get like-minded people that understands you a lot more! here we doesn't follow specific rules of posting, but by the common trait of a higher capacity of reflection & desire to improve, is enough to get efficient structure.

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