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Visual Studio 2005 and a strange OpenGL problem

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I've successfully broken the OpenGL implementation for my Visual Studio 2005, and managed to break all previously working examples built with VS2005 in one fell blow by updating my Catalyst drivers. I was working with the OpenGL Programming Guide (red book) Sixth Edition, and decided to check my OpenGL version, which turned out to be 2.0.xxxx. Well, since the sixth edition covers 2.1, I wanted to be up to date, and thought the way to do this was the update the drivers for my Radeon X850. Before doing this, I went about updating my system through automatic update, restarted, downloaded the Catalyst 7.9 display drivers, installed them, and restarted. When I opened VS2005 back up and ran a previously known-working application, the window which had the rendering context bound to it wouldn't update. I'll link an image when I get home to take a screenshot, but to try my hand at literary imagery, it looked as though it created an application window over a portion of my screen, but the window contained the pixel data that was underneath the application window. If I moved the window, it would just retain that data, and would not update, even when keyboard and mouse commands were issued and I could tell the application was processing them (ie, not locked up). To add insult to injury, my OpenGL version (obtained through glGetString(GL_VERSION);) was still 2.0.xxxx. Every single application I've built with VS2005 (albeit, they're all examples from the red book) exhibits this problem when I run them inside of VS2005, or try to run the old executables created from vS2005 previous to this problem manifesting. I've done a quasi-thorough search regarding this strange bug, but haven't turned up anything. That usually means the error is the result of a not following a procedure so common that no one cares to mention it, but I manage messing it up :). Please assist if you have any suggestions on how to rectify this frustrating situation. [Edited by - AlcoJaguar on September 19, 2007 6:15:32 PM]

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