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Where are the tutorials?

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Hi I am just wondering if there are any tutorials on DX8 for C++ that are anywhere near the quality of the ones for OpenGL at NEHE or the ones for VB at DirectX4VB? I guess I could probably port the Tutorial stuff at DirectX4VB but that seems a bit unnecessary. Also are there any good stuff on Physics? /J

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You don''t have to pay for Drunken Hyena''s tutorials or the NeXe tutorials. Where did that idea come from?

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oh mistake....there were some books to sell on drunken hyena........I thought that they were those tutorials. Don''t need help now, I found them. They''re really cool.

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Original post by WonderWorld

Thanks for the tutorials.

But that only confirmed my fears that the DX8 C++ tutorials are very far from the level of the other sites.



What exactly is so lacking in these tutorials? I''m fairly familiar with the DrunkenHyena tutorials, and I''ve had a quick peek at the tutorials a NeXe and I don''t see any major flaws.

I''m open to constructive criticism and I''m sure the guy running the NeXe site is as well. We created these sites because there wasn''t much available, we saw a problem and are working to fix it. If you have some suggestions on how to make them better, let us know.

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

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Hey DrunkenHyena,
I must admit that everything I learned about DX8 I learned from your site. Since then, I''ve moved on to OpenGL, but that''s irrelavent for this post ;-)
Anyhow, here are my constructive criticisms on your articles:
They don''t go in depth enough. There are about 32 useful tutorials on Nehe and about 8 or 9 on your site. Also, the tutorials are also nearly the same from every tutorial out there. I''ve seen 10 tutorials on how to initialize D3D8 and texture map, and I''ve seen about 1 ( lacking in quality ) on the index buffer.
Sure... a smarter person might be able to read the SDK and figure out this stuff... I tried. I realize I''m not a smarter person ;-)
I''ll grant you that as far as explanations go, you do a pretty good job. And you are trying to teach a rather hard topic. So keep up the good work, but cover more areas.
Who knows... one day I might move back to DX8 ;-) But since I completed a small game in 2 days with OpenGL and it took me weeks just to fail in DX8, it probably won''t be soon.


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I''m not sure you need to be desperately smart to figure out Index Buffers from reading the SDK. They''re just indexes into your VB, nothing more complicated than that.

It''s a long time since i''ve had to look beyond the SDK for an explaination of a topic. I''d advise people, instead of just using the SDK to looks up functions, to read the whole ''Using DirectX Graphics'' section from front to back. Once you''ve been using DX/D3D long enough not to be put off by all the terms and jargon, it does all make sense.

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I am not critising anyone here just concluding that the depth of the tutorials are not as good as the directx4vb and nehe.

This of course takes some time to do and as I am working I fully understand that it''s not possible to devote your life to giving us less knowledgable guys there all your knowledge.

But as far as suggestions for new topics here it goes:
• Lesson 03 : 2D Graphics part 1 - The Basics
• Lesson 04 : 2D Graphics part 2 - Advanced
• Lesson 08 : Advanced Geometry part 1 - Loading pre-created 3D objects
• Lesson 09 : Advanced Geometry part 2 - Using Index Buffers to store 3D Geometry
• Lesson 10 : Advanced Geometry part 3 - Vertex / Mesh animation
• Lesson 11 : Advanced Geometry part 4 - Using point sprites for particle effects
• Lesson 13 : Advanced Texturing part 2 - Mesh Skinning
• Lesson 14 : Advanced Texturing part 3 - Texture pooling
• Lesson 15 : Advanced Texturing part 4 - Reflections
• Lesson 16 : Special Effects part 1 - Bill boarding

These are directly taken from DirectX 4VB. Note that not all are there yet but the first 11 are there.

For my own part (some already are at nehe):
How to load model without using .x files (prefer lwo and lws for lightwave)
Game worlds (free mesh, height map and so on)

These my sometimes be a bit off topic but are never the less very closely tied to the 3D part.

I''ll try and get back with some more topics but I guess you will have the next 6 months packed with this

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