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Multiplayer Tower Defense

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Hellow. I was programming some kind of tower defense, wich the idea on mind to make it, sometime, multiplayer (The think is that I don't know still enought to write such). So I have some questions. The first one, how can I write a design document goot enoght to have wht I want to do (I still change soo many thinks while I implement it) but not profesional (all tutorials of design documents are boring professionals, and I know I don't need that). Second one. Would it be fun? This is subjective, so some feedback would be apreciated. The game whould be: you have a base and you can build towers and barracs. Barracs will create units automatically every X time and send them to the enemy base of your election (every barrac can send units to a diferent enemy base). Towers are towers, they shoot the enemy units preventing them to reach your base. Of course both towers and barracs can be promoted. The Resources aren't still really concreted: I think you earn X per second, and a Y% of your total wealth every minute or so (to prevent turtle tactics). Last Question. Enemy IA. What is the easiest way to do it (I plan to learn some fuzzy logic, but in the meantime I want the IA to be doing somethink). Thanks. And please, excuse my bad english. Still learning :-P

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How can I write a design document [good] [enough] to have [what] I want to do?

Well, what do you want to do? If you are prone to constant changes, as many of us are, make the GDD able to take changes. Organize it in a way that you won't have to rewrite long descriptions every time something cooler than before pops into your head.

I would suggest making the GDD in more of a list form, such as bullet-points. Avoid long paragraphs and try to format the whole thing for maximum editability. You should be able to quickly find the feature in question, and edit it just by changing a couple bullet points. That way you're free to change anything you like as it comes to you.

Also spellcheck. Always.

Would it be fun?

Why, thanks for asking! I love it when people have this as a high priority.

Personally, I love Tower Defense games, and they consumed most of my online RTS experience. There is plenty of variety already, and still more room to expand. I would be very interested in an exclusively Tower Defense RTS. There are lots of formats to go with, such as Line Tower Defense or Maze Tower Defense, and options such as tower upgrades, unit upgrades, walls and mazes, summoning units at your enemy, area of effect, range, damage... there's a lot to work with.

In TDs, resources are usually granted per kill, or on a certain increment of time, or based on "income".

Enemy AI ... What is the easiest way to do it?

Hm... as far as I know (I'm no programmer), it's mostly just pathing issues. If the enemies don't attack the towers, it's mostly an issue of making them run a certain path, and figuring out paths around obstacles. This really shouldn't be a big problem, and (I'm not sure) I think you won't need fuzzy logic just for pathing.

Good luck to you, mate, I honestly want to see this.
-Humblest of Hobos

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