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There are a lot of different wrappers and libraries that load a .3ds file for you. I''ve never really used one of those though.

You can extract the info from the file will take some time, but it can be done. This way you can make your own fileformat and put only the things you need (you probably don''t need all the shadings and materials, and you can add your won stuff (skeleton for anitmation maybe).
if you don''t have any experience reading from binairy files (.3ds) you can always export to (the ascii format of 3DMAX .asc)
you''ll find everything you need there... the vector-, uv-coords etc...)

But try to find a wrapper somewhere on the internet, shouldn''t be too hard to find one...let''s hope some of the other members knows one...
good luck ;D

"Nothing donuts can''''t do"
--Homer J. Simpson

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Try Flexporter, it supports MAX3/MAX4 and Character Studio 3 (biped & physique).

You can find it at

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