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Question about a little feature addon

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Hi all (and specifically to chris) I have a little question about a feature to be implemented in PR4.0. What is nagging me all the time with PR4 is the need for the WINUTIL/DEVDLG etc Win32 Platform code... Wouldn''t it be possible to have something like PR_SetHwnd(HWND) before calling any other PR functions ? That way you (Chris) could use WinUtil and stuff for your work and we could use our own windowing framework and input system for our game. It is just so bad if you have a nice clean object oriented framework to have to include this old global variable dependet code... and have it reside in it .. we have e.g given a Window Class with events like OnPaint OnMain OnFocus OnKey etc we could just add PR in there and don''t have to rely on winutil... I tried to integrate PR in our framework but got several unresolved externals from it unless i included the Winutil/Devdlg stuff.. Please truly seperate the Windows Framework from PR so that anyone can use their own stuff , and you can still use your stuff.. Thanks for your time Bernhard Glück

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Winutil and devdlg have been exposed so you can change them if you need to.

You can use your own windowing framework and input system but you still need to place the results in the variables PR expects to find. You can set the window handle to your own and make your own PR_SetHwnd function.

I have spent a lot of time working on those windows messages and handling them so it works on all cards and in fullscreen/windowed modes. If you start changing it around with your own code you may break something on a particular card without knowing it.


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