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PhysX beginer

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Hy, i want to cook a .X file mesh in order to simulate phisics on it on my scene. I folow a beginer tutorial from a site and phisics worked for simple objects like sphere/cube etc.. Now..

	 LPD3DXMESH myMesh;	

	 NxTriangleMeshDesc bunnyDesc;


	 Vertex *pVertices = NULL;
	 pTempVertexBuffer->Lock(0, 0, (void**)&pVertices, 0);

	 bunnyDesc.numVertices =         myMesh->GetNumVertices();  
 	 bunnyDesc.numTriangles =        myMesh->GetNumFaces();    
 	 bunnyDesc.pointStrideBytes =    myMesh->GetNumBytesPerVertex(); 
 	 bunnyDesc.triangleStrideBytes = 3*sizeof(float);
 	 bunnyDesc.points = pVertices;  //?
// 	 bunnyDesc.triangles =          //?
// 	 bunnyDesc.flags = 0;           //?

Do i need to clone the mesh to get vertices ? But about the triangles parameter ? And the rest of parameters. Are just the faces ? Please point me in the right direction..

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there is no need to clone the verts, just itterate through them and take out what you need

vert *ver = NULL;
WORD* Indices;

numOfVerts = (float)mesh->GetNumVertices();
numOfFaces = (float)mesh->GetNumFaces();

mesh->LockVertexBuffer(D3DLOCK_READONLY ,(void**)&ver);
mesh->LockIndexBuffer(D3DLOCK_READONLY ,(LPVOID*)&Indices);

for(DWORD i = 0; i < numOfVerts; i++)

vertices.push_back(v.x );
vertices.push_back(v.y );

all im doing here is adding the x,y,z component to a std:vector


and with the faces, there are 3 verts to a face, so you just obtain them like so

D3DXVECTOR3 *face;
for(DWORD i = 0; i < numOfFaces; i++)
face = new D3DXVECTOR3[3];

face[0] = ver[Indices[3*i+0]].pos;
face[1] = ver[Indices[3*i+1]].pos;
face[2] = ver[Indices[3*i+2]].pos;



this isnt physx specific by the way, i use this method for Newton physics engine

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Well it seems would not work what i did with PhysX.
I cooked the mesh file, then i loaded it as an actor in the scene:

1. The mesh that is assigned to the actor doesn move at all in the physcs scene (mesh moves ok with other transformation from PhysX, like a cube for example, but not with my cooked data)

2.It seems i have an invisible actor in the scene but actually much larger than the mesh i cooked.
I dont understand why the mesh isnt moving at all. I mean it should at least move in a wrong way if the cooked data is not correct.

The code


NxArray<NxVec3> vertices;
NxArray<NxU32> indice;

int numOfVerts;
int numOfFaces;

NxTriangleMeshDesc bunnyDesc;

//number of faces and vertices
numOfVerts = myMesh->GetNumVertices();
numOfFaces = myMesh->GetNumFaces();

//faces and vertices:
WORD* Indices;

ver = new D3DXVECTOR3[numOfFaces];
Indices = new WORD[numOfFaces];

myMesh->LockVertexBuffer(D3DLOCK_READONLY ,(void**)&ver);
myMesh->LockIndexBuffer(D3DLOCK_READONLY , (LPVOID*)&Indices);

// NxVec3 DXVec3_To_NxVec3(D3DXVECTOR3 DxVector) {
// return NxVec3(DxVector.x, DxVector.y, DxVector.z);
// }

for(DWORD i = 0; i < numOfVerts; i++)



for(DWORD i = 0; i < numOfFaces; i++) {



bunnyDesc.numVertices = vertices.size();
bunnyDesc.numTriangles = indice.size()/3;
bunnyDesc.pointStrideBytes = sizeof(NxVec3);
bunnyDesc.triangleStrideBytes = 3*sizeof(NxU32);

bunnyDesc.points = &vertices[0].x;
bunnyDesc.triangles = &indice[0];
bunnyDesc.flags = 0;

MemoryWriteBuffer buf;
gCooking->NxCookTriangleMesh(bunnyDesc, buf);

NxTriangleMesh* terrainMesh =

NxTriangleMeshShapeDesc terrainMeshDesc;
terrainMeshDesc.meshData = terrainMesh;

NxActorDesc actorDesc;
//a is an actor pointer
a = gScene->createActor(actorDesc);

The mesh is ok, the physcs scene is ok too as far as I have other objects like spheres/cubes etc that works.

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Later Edit:

I managed to get the cooked data but:
The colission is verry weird for my teapot model. It tryes to colide corecttly but some objects sometimes penetrate it without coliding. Also if Im making a cube it doesnt respond at all at phisics. It just fall thro wall.

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