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EPOC, Beginner to Advanced SDL wrapper

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Hi! I just wanted you guys to know of my latest project. It's called EPOC and is a object oriented wrapper for Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). It was originially designed to be used as a learning plattform in university courses teching beginner level C++ at Blekinge Institute of Technlogy. EPOC is short for Experimental Platform for Objectoriented C++. My experience tells me that many students find learning c++ boring. This because they often don't get to program anything visual and fun, but instead are confined to using a console window as feedback to what they program. Why it's like that has a simple explanation... programming visual applications and games are hard to begin with when you know little C++. Hence I created EPOC. EPOC is designed to be used both by programming beginners and more advanced users. EPOC takes care of all the hard work of loading textures, sounds, music, input and so forth and lets the user create what they really want.... games! But! EPOC can also be used to create more advanced applications simply by deriving the built in classes. I'm currently teaching game development at Blekinge Institute of Technology and I've been using EPOC in my basic C++ courses. Currently there's no documentation for EPOC (im working on it ;) ) but you can download an ready to run empty stub application (complete with settings, libs, dlls and all) and a variety of samples that shows you how to do things! I'm counting on getting the EPOC documentation up and running as soon as possible. The actual EPOC project is currently not available to the public, but I'm considering to release the whole thing. :) I'm offering you guys to use my EPOC wrapper as it is... but be aware that it's a wrapper in development... :) You can find it here anyways! http://jonas.svegland.se Hope this will be of any help to someone. If you like it please let me know :) By the way... EPOC currently uses the following libraries SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf and OpenGL32. The OpenGL support is optional (although linking the OpenGL32.lib is required) and EPOC is initialized to use etiher pure SDL or a mix of OpenGL and SDL to render the graphics. [Edited by - JonasSvegland on September 26, 2007 6:58:14 AM]

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