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Naurava kulkuri

Machine Architecture: Things Your Programming Language Never Told You...

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... by Herb Sutter in his blog post. Also over two MiB of pdf slides and 117 minutes of Google video included.
Abstract: Programmers are routinely surprised at what simple code actually does and how expensive it can be, because so many of us are unaware of the increasing complexity of the machine on which the program actually runs. This talk examines the "real meanings" and "true costs" of the code we write and run especially on commodity and server systems, by delving into the performance effects of bandwidth vs. latency limitations, the ever-deepening memory hierarchy, the changing costs arising from the hardware concurrency explosion, memory model effects all the way from the compiler to the CPU to the chipset to the cache, and more -- and what you can do about them. Teaser: Would you be surprised to discover that only about 1% (one percent) of all the transistors on your modern CPU exist to ever compute anything? And that the other 99% (ninety-nine percent) of your CPU's transistors are essentially dedicated to nothing but hiding memory latency? Those are round numbers, of course. But you get the idea...
Seem to be touching lightly on the same information as in Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface and Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach laced with some C++09. Some of you might be interested.

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