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Extracting info from a string in C++

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I'm doing a project for school where the user will type in something like so. draw "x" at 1, 5 Now I'm reading that into a string like so string command; cin >> command; Now I need to be able to 1. get "draw" to let me know what the program is to do 2. get the character inside the quotes and transfer it into a char variable 3. and read the 2 numbers into integers x and y variables. I don't know how I am to transfer the certain parts of the string into the variables. Any help with this will be much appreciated.

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Well since its a project for school I won't give you the answer, but you could take a look at std::stringstream. Another option is to just parse the string yourself, think about what seperates each value in the string...

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Keep in mind that cin will read up until it hits whitespace. What I mean here is that if you say:
cin >> command

And the user types "draw x at whatever"
command = "draw", and the rest of that stuff (x at whatever) is going to stick around until the next call of cin.

You may want to look into getline to read an entire line of input.

Also, look into substr to break up the string.


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Hey guys thanks for the help!
I have almost got it working by doing this

cin >> cmd;
if (cmd == "draw")
cin >> ws;
junk = cin.get();
symbol = cin.get();
junk = cin.get();
cin >> crap;
cin >> x1;
cin.ignore(256, ',');
cin >> y;

now if I type in
draw "x" at 3 , 5

it works

but if I type
draw "x" at 3, 4

it tries to read 3, into the int and goes nuts
Now I know my teacher is probably going to test both cases and probably more. is there any way to get it to ignore the comma?

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