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More portals and travel between worlds.

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Looking for comments on usage of each portal, which situation should I use each portal? Of course, I will not use every one. Central warp room - Being in a large map with a portal to every other world Pull-A-Lever warp chamber - Scattered around the map, going into the chamber and pulling it dumps you in annother chamber somewhere... Animal trainer - Talking to a pilot who has a monster carry you elsewhere for a fee Teleport guide - Person with magical power to send you elsewhere... for a fee. Machine vessel - Boat, plane, etc (again with pilot and fee) World map + ship - You see all the worlds, and select one to go to. Upright circular portal in the middle of nowhere - Classical thing Varible door- Portals scattered around the world, to activate it, use some sort of key item on it, and it will create a warp to that place Returning scroll - Usage of scroll returns you to nearest temple, town, fortress, blah... Return location spell - Using it teleports you to a place you have marked. Picture travel - Jumping into pictures in the wall Your own animal - Owning a horse/ dragon sort of thing that moves quickly One way launch - Being shot out of a giant slingshot... or something similar. Retreat to entrance spell - Speaks for self Call rescue - Return to central warp room

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