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Something funny with a class member...

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Here is the situation: I have a class called MESH. It has 3 member functions that compile fine. I also have 4 class members, but only 3 of the 4 compile fine. The one variable that is giving me trouble is a DWORD type with a name like ''NumMaterials''. The compiler keeps telling me that it needs a value because it is a const (which it isn''t). Has anyone had this happen before? How can it be fixed? I will get the code up here as soon as I get home (I am at school right now).

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Alright, here''s the code for the class:
//the Mesh class

class MESH

LPD3DXMESH Mesh; //the mesh object

D3DMATERIAL8* MeshMaterials; //the pointer to the materials

LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE8* MeshTextures; //the textures for the mesh

DWORD &NumMaterials; //the number of materials in the mesh


MESH(LPSTR MeshName); //the constructor that loads the mesh

bool RenderMesh(); //the mesh rendering function

~MESH(); //the function that deletes the mesh


And here''s the functions:
//the constructor for the mesh function - it loads a mesh


// Load the mesh from the specified file

lpd3ddevice, NULL,
&pD3DXMtrlBuffer, &NumMaterials,
&Mesh ) ) )
MessageBox(hWnd, "Couldn''t load Mesh", "Error!", MB_OK);

// We need to extract the material properties and texture names from the

// pD3DXMtrlBuffer

D3DXMATERIAL* d3dxMaterials = (D3DXMATERIAL*)pD3DXMtrlBuffer->GetBufferPointer();
MeshMaterials = new D3DMATERIAL8[NumMaterials];
MeshTextures = new LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE8[NumMaterials];

for( DWORD i=0; i<NumMaterials; i++ )
// Copy the material

MeshMaterials[i] = d3dxMaterials[i].MatD3D;

// Set the ambient color for the material (D3DX does not do this)

MeshMaterials[i].Ambient = MeshMaterials[i].Diffuse;

// Create the texture

if( FAILED( D3DXCreateTextureFromFile( lpd3ddevice,
&MeshTextures[i] ) ) )
MeshTextures[i] = NULL;

// Done with the material buffer



//the rendering function for the mesh

bool MESH::RenderMesh()
// Meshes are divided into subsets, one for each material. Render them in

// a loop

for( DWORD i=0; i<NumMaterials; i++ )
// Set the material and texture for this subset

lpd3ddevice->SetMaterial( &MeshMaterials[i] );
lpd3ddevice->SetTexture( 0, MeshTextures[i] );

// Draw the mesh subset

Mesh->DrawSubset( i );


//the destructor - it cleans all the stuff up

delete[] MeshMaterials;

for( DWORD i = 0; i<NumMaterials; i++ )
delete[] MeshTextures;
if(Mesh != NULL)

So does anyone have any idea why its doing that?

P.S. - the error is "D:\Stydx7in24\Source\lightworks\meshes.cpp(12) : error C2758: ''NumMaterials'' : must be initialized in constructor base/member initializer list"

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From my understanding, references are treated like const pointers. And since you said that it is going to change (NumMaterials), just use a DWORD* instead. I don''t think you are allowed to change the memory address of a reference just the value what it points to. Hope this helps.


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Sorry about that. It wasn''t supposed to be a reference after all.

Problem solved!

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