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Confuzzled again..

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Ok here we go.. Im doing this program for an assignment and I just cant figure out this dynamic memory allocation. So if anyone can help me, I need to convert this program to use dynamic memory allocation.. please #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include <conio.h> int userinput(void); int scan(char *input); char word[80]; int main() { int loop; int i = 0; int mark[1000]; int total = 0; float mean, scale; printf("How many students are there: "); loop = userinput(); while(i<loop) { printf("Enter mark for student %d: ",i + 1); mark = userinput(); total = total + mark; i++; } mean = total/loop; if(mean<50) { i = 0; scale = 50/mean; total = 0; printf("\nScaled Mark\n", i+1); while(i<loop) { mark = mark * scale; printf("%d\n", mark); total = total + mark; i++; } mean = total/loop; printf("\nAverage mark = %.2f",mean); }else{ printf("\nAverage mark = %.2f",mean); } getch(); } int userinput(void) { gets(word); return scan(word); } int scan(char *input) { int number; int decimalPtFound = 0; int i = 0; while(input != '\0') { if(input >= '0' && input <= '9'){ } else if(input == '.'){ decimalPtFound ++; if(decimalPtFound > 1){ printf("Invalid character '.'\n\n"); main(); } }else{ printf("Invalid character '%c'\n\n", input); main(); } i++; } sscanf(input,"%d",&number); return number; } Also if someone wants to help me figure out a way to loop the same student mark if a wrong character is entered

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