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Some wxWidgets questions.

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In particular about wxstyledTextCtrl. I'm implementing what boils down to a glorified hex editor. I have 3 fixed size wxstyledTextCtrl objects in a single sizer, one for line numbers (Does anyone know how to put hex offsets into the margins to get around this?), one for hex values and one for ascii chars. It basically looks like: I have 3 separate boxes so I can select multiple lines without getting characters from the other columns. So, some questions: 1) How can I prevent the user from zooming? I can't find a related method in the API, and while I can use EVT_STC_ZOOM to catch the event, where do I go from there? I can't set the zoom back as that would call the event recursively, and the event handler doesn't like that (it doesn't even get to the second OnZoom call where I could check whether it was the function or the user who did it, it just crashes). 2) What's the best way to only allow the overwriting, but not insertion of characters? I was going to keep it read-only, then if a user attempt to type, I decide whether to allow the input or not. Anyone have any better ideas? 3) How should I implement scrollbar sharing? I can't see a way to extract the wxScrollBar object (no GetVScrollBar()). I attempted to make my own wxScrollBar as well as fitting it all in a wxScrolledWindow, but both attempts were equally futile. I can't see a way of checking for scroll events, or a way to move the other boxes to the same location. I'm running a relatively new SVN build of wxWidgets. I'm currently working on a windows box but I need this app to be multi-platform, so the solutions must work for all the major builds (I'd say wxGTK, wxMSW and wxMac at least). Thanks.

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