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const not handled for object handles ?

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Hi, If i write the following code in angelscript :
class CTest
	int m_Int;

	void SetInt(int iInt)
		m_Int = iInt;

const CTest Test;
const CTest@ TestHandle = @Test;

TestHandle.SetInt(1);    // compiler incorrectly thinks this line is OK ???
Test.SetInt(1);          // compiler will correctly give an error on this line

Then the angelscript compiler gives correctly an error on "Test.SetInt(1);" stating that a matching const function cannot be found. It does not give an error however on the line "TestHandle.SetInt(1);" even though that one is also declared const and the handle references a const object. The same happens if functions declared in the C++ code return const handles to objects. Any non const functions called on those const object handles will not generate a compiler error. Is this a bug in the angelscript compiler or am I using handles wrongly ??? Thanks in advance. By The Way, Angelscript is Great !!

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