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[4E6] Discuss Element: Ponies

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In all honesty, this is one of my inspirations for this year's contest. And it fits the "could be demonic!"

Yes, I have it on my desktop. :P

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So I guess it's ponies as in horses?

I think someone asked it, but would it be ok to use something else (like a car), as long as you called it "The Pony", and had a really good explanation for it? If so, would a background story do? "I used this car for transporting racing horses back in the days, and it therefore got the name Pony".

Basically, I'm asking if it's the first of the following definitions from wikipedia that is the correct one.

A pony is a small horse.

Pony may also refer to:

* Pony (film), a short film by Ed Gass-Donnelly
* "Pony" (Ginuwine song), a 1996 single
* "Pony" (Kasey Chambers song), a 2004 single
* The Stone Pony, a famous rock and roll club in New Jersey
* Hyundai Pony, a model of car
* My Little Pony, a popular line of plastic toys
* Pony International, a footwear and apparel brand
* Pony car, a class of car similar to the Ford Mustang.
* Pony (slang) - pony has at least two slang meanings: 25 pounds sterling, and an unlikely outcome.
* Pony (slang) - denoting a person or something that is lacking, and therefore considered lame, weak, idiotic, lesser in quality or performance. also referring to the level of awkwardness in online games, to describe when someone is "owned" It also refers the lack of coordination when moving in games, alluding to a baby horses first movements online gaming
* Pony keg, a beer keg containing 8 US gallons of fluid.
* Pony shot glass, a 1.0 fl. oz. (~30 ml) shot glass or bartending tool (often combined with a jigger).
* Ponytail, a hair style
* PONY Baseball and Softball, organizing baseball and softball leagues for youngsters.
* Pony play, a form of human animal roleplay, usually sexual in nature
* Punishment pony, a smaller version of the "punishment horse" used in disciplinary spanking or erotic spanking
o Birching pony, a specific variant of the punishment pony
* The ponies, a colloquial term for horse racing
* P.O.N.Y. - Prostitutes of New York Club
* Pony Bottle - A small SCUBA cylinder strapped to a divers main tank for emergency use.

Oh, just read this from the other thread:

For crying out loud. They give us very tangible elements at our request and you want to be smart? I for one wish they'd insist we stop trying to trick our way around the elements. It's supposed to require inventiveness and creativity to design a game aroudn the elements, not inventiveness and creativity to get away without doing it.

Agreed. We'll definitely have "horse" ponies (as opposed to a club for prostitutes ;) ). But there's still valid questions like - does it have to be a pony, or can it be a "real" horse, a donkey, etc.

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I am thinking of having an in-game vehicle called the PONY - primarily used to carry things. It will, of course, have a logo of a pony (small horse) on it. I think given in the right context, it could pass as being the Pony element.

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I about died laughing when I read ponies as one of the final choices for an element. Better make sure it's under 58 inches or your disqualified! j/k

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Personally I think ponies is a terrible element. But what exactly counts as "ponies"? In the realm of video games, what exactly differs from "pony" to "horse", and how do the judges distinguish the two? Maybe it doesn't matter anyway, since you need only to include 3 of the 4 elements, but I'm not sure what qualifies as a pony short of petite, pink horses...

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