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Getting started in C++

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I'm an old man just starting to learn C++ and I'd like to know if I'm making the right choices in learning. Let me first say back in the day, I use to do extensive basic (and some assembler) programming on the vic 20, the C64 and the C128. This dates me and since switching to a PC back in the day, no more programming. I'm interested in general programming, not necessarily game programing though sometimes those overlap. I'm using Code::Blocks with MinGW. I have ordered "C++ Without Fear: A Beginner's Guide" by Brian Overland for learning and "The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition)" by Bjarne Stroustrup as a reference and further-on learning aid. I've been using the online tutorial at http://www.isotton.com/devel/docs/lcpp/ to hold me over until the books arrive. Am I making the right choices? The online tutorial above has kept my interest and I find it pretty easy to understand what's going on so want to make sure that learning keeps progressing with the proper tools (books, programs)

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I had a glance at that tutorial and it looks ok... there are many sources for information online and it's really a matter of picking one that you find you learn from effectively. As for books, I very much like:

C++ Primer, Stanley B. Lippman and Jose Lajoie.
As a first book. I read the 2nd edition, but I've looked through a friends copy of the 4th edition and it seems to be somewhat more accessible than it was. The thing I like about it is that it covers topics with a reasonable depth and in a way that reflects their importance (rather than some books which almost treat classes as a little nicity).

The second book I liked a lot was:
Modern C++ Design: Applied Generic and Design Patterns by Andrei Alexandrescu
This is a good second book covering a lot of more advanced topics and I found it extremely informative. It's part of the C++ in depth series (which also contains several other good books by the same, and other authors).

All in all I'd say the most important thing is to mix theoretical learning with actual programming (and with the case of C++ Primer... actually do the examples... even the easy ones). Once you have the basics firmly rooted in your head and readily at your finger tips... you can take your programming whereever you want. If you learn too much without practising you find that the code doesn't flow and it'll feel like a lot of hard work. If you program without enough learning you'll find yourself frustrated by apparently insurmountable problems (which some people start touting as limitations in the language when in fact they are limitations in their knowledge).
Hope you get to grips with it,


PS: I'm not an old man and I used to program on a Vic 20 too :P

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