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[4E6] Super Smart Mutant Ponies

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Title: Undecided, currently Super Smart Mutant Ponies. Elements Used: All. Genre: Platform, Space Sim. Game play: Working on outline. Setting:
In the year 2448 rapid scientific innovations lead to affordable methods of inter-galactic travel in a reasonable time period. The engine designs were based around a special type of crystal which is produced only in the extremely rare Type D supernova. Fortunately there was an abundance of the crystals available at the time due to a supernova which had recently taken place in the vicinity of earth. As a result the human race rapidly spread throughout the galaxy and in 2893 the Galactic Empire was established. The Galactic Empire merged the earths former countries into a single governmental unit and in the process the economic system was overhauled with the end result that all allocations of the Empires resources must go through the Central Resource Management System and be approved by an accountant in order to prevent malicious allocation of resources.
It is the year 3359 and a red supergiant star which was expected to go supernova in 3375 has prematurely exploded resulting in surrounding systems which had not been evacuated being bombarded with radiation. Early reports indicated that the incorrect prediction of the expected date of the supernova was a result of inaccuracies in scientific simulations. This, however, was soon forgotten when reports where received that the radiation bombarding the nearby system of Brobanius, which was being used as a breeding ground before the supernova, had resulted in the formation of Super Smart Mutant Ponies. For several months after the supernova there where no new reports from the area due to interference from the radiation and in this time a small fleet was assembled to investigate the reports of Super Smart Mutant Ponies (SSMP's). Unfortunately the mission had to be delayed due to a shortage of fuel. As the radiation from the supernova cleared and communication with the system was reestablished it was discovered that the situation was far worse then at first suspected. Nearby systems which where out of range of the supernova where being attacked and overrun by SSMP's which where able to survive in the vacuum of space. Immediately the small fleet which had been allocated to investigate the supernova, supplemented with additional military units, was assigned to stop the SSMP's and a request was submitted to the Central Resource Management System for emergency fuel supplies. Unfortunately the SSMP's had not been idle in the months while the radiation subsided and had, in fact, already sent spies to the core of the Empire. These spies immediately recognized the Central Resource Management System as a potential week point of the Empire and using the rare fuel crystals produced in the supernova had bribed a large group of accountants who work at the Central Resource Management System to prevent the granting of any requests for resources related to the SSMP's. Can you uncover the accountants treachery and capture the crystals used to bribe them so the fleet can get under way? Can you aid the fleet in defeating the SSMP's? Find out now!!!

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